Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette

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  • Release Date 13 June 1995
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You could argue that Jagged Little Pill is the commercialised face of grunge. You could argue that Morrisette is just a cynical businesswoman, courting controversy with a few carefully placed, risque references. You could even argue that this whole angst-rock is just a comfort-blanket for the therapy-generation. But it's still hard to argue that Jagged Little Pill isn't a great album. After all, it's the perfect alternative/mainstream crossover. There's "You Oughta Know", which marries its vitriolic, explicit narrative to thunderous, airbrushed grunge. With references to oral sex, Middle America were shocked, but not quite offended: it sold by the truckload. There's "Ironic", where Morrisette laments the trials that face every housewife ("there's ten thousand spoons / when all you need is a knife") to a scream-along, mosh-friendly chorus. The simple truth is, on Jagged Little Pill, the Canadian-born Alanis Morrisette does a very good job of being America's Everywoman.
1 All I Really Want  
2 You Oughta Know  
3 Perfect  
4 Hand in My Pocket  
5 Right Through You  
6 Forgiven  
7 You Learn  
8 Head over Feet  
9 Mary Jane  
10 Ironic  
11 Not the Doctor  
12 Wake Up  
13 You Oughta Know (Jimmy the Saint Blend) / Your House (Hidden track)