The Jerry Cans: Echoes (LP)

Echoes (LP)

The Jerry Cans

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Vinyl LP
Fontana North
Pressed on standard black vinyl. Iqaluit’s The Jerry Cans have always been, and will always be, a band from and for the north. But on Echoes, the JUNO Award-nominated group’s upcoming fourth full-length record, they’re not the band they used to be. The record arrives with a wash of glassy, slashing electric guitars, thundering drums, effects-warped throat singing, and darkened violin work. These are sounds of love, anxiety, desperation, and grief, and the tangled relationships between these things. It is intense and heavy, a charred, deep-blue Arctic indie rock soundscape.
1 Tukturjuk  
2 On The Rocks  
3 Huvava  
4 Qaumajuujusit  
5 SOS  
6 Ullaktut  
7 Atauttikkut  
8 My Brother (Swell)  
9 Spring Tide  
10 Nain  
11 Echoes  
12 Akuttujuuk  
13 Kazabazua  
14 Nameless  

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