Keith Urban: Defying Gravity (White) (LP)

Defying Gravity (White) (LP)

Keith Urban

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Vinyl LP
Grammy-nominated ‘Defying Gravity’ celebrates its 10 year anniversary by being issued on vinyl for the first time. Featuring the hit singles "Sweet Thing", "Kiss A Girl", and "Only You Can Love Me This Way", the album hit number one on the US Billboard 200 and Billboard Top Country charts.
1 Kiss A Girl  
2 If Ever I Could Love  
3 Sweet Thing  
4 'Til Summer Comes Around  
5 My Heart Is Open  
6 Hit The Ground Runnin'  
7 Only You Can Love Me This Way  
8 Standing Right In Front Of You  
9 Why's It Feel So Long  
10 I'm In  
11 Thank You  

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