3 AM (LP)


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  • Release Date 05 July 2019
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Vinyl LP
Universal Music Canada
Mysterious pop act ASHS has emerged from the Toronto underground music scene, bringing a new sound that has been praised by influencers around the globe.

While her identity remains hidden, ASHS is not afraid to express herself through her music.

3AM is the debut vinyl from ASHS featuring her viral hit “More Than Friends” (Peaking at #4 on US Viral Chart) and latest single “A Million Voices”.

Opened for Wrabel in LA

Quote from ASHS: “For the second half of 3AM, I wanted to really indulge in the deeper and darker parts of my subconscious, while still being honest and vulnerable. I think the best thing I can do as an artist is share where I am in that exact moment, and that’s what I chose to do with this EP. I was feeling crazy, angry, betrayed and numb, like I was in the passenger seat watching my life go by while I let everyone else drive my emotions and my worth. I brought that mix of emotion into to my writing, keeping no secrets as to what truly keeps me up at 3AM.”

1 3AM  
2 Din Lat  
3 More Than Friends  
4 A Million Voices  
5 Lie  
6 Cold